Call For Administration’s COVID-19 Vaccine Contracts To Be Disclosed

Members of Congress and advocacy groups say Operation Warp Speed should release its contracts with vaccine makers after NPR reporting found the terms of many aren’t public.

Michigan’s Minority Voters: Lukewarm On Biden, But ‘Damn Sure Don’t Want Trump’

Donald Trump won Michigan four years ago in part because turnout dipped among Black and brown voters in key Democratic strongholds. Joe Biden is trying to energize these voters, but some remain wary.

The Week In Politics

Ron Elving joins Scott Simon to discuss the concerns over the president’s recovery from COVID-19, where the U.S Senate stands on the next coronavirus relief bill and more.

Following Months Of COVID-19 Restrictions, The Dance Music Scene Is Back In China

After facing down an epidemic, people in China are once again ready to party, even if it means taking some safety precautions.

Chicago Loses A Beloved Teacher To COVID-19

Olga Quiroga taught in the city’s public schools for three decades as a bilingual educator and was known for her patience and passion for teaching immigrant students.

Coronavirus World Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Outbreak

A map of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths around the world. The respiratory disease has spread rapidly across six continents and has killed at least 1 million globally.